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Adolescent OVERUSE Injuries

Research Article Summary by Arli Lindskog and Sam Smith (WSU DPT Students) Article: Post EG, Trigsted SM, Riekena JW, Hetzel S, McGuine TA, Brooks MA, and the Bell DR. The Association of Sport Specialization and Training Volume With Injury History in Youth Athletes. American Journal Sports Med, 2017 May;45(6) Summary The relationship between single sport […]

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Boys Playing Soccer

What is Fascia and how does it contribute to pain?

Fascia is a thin sheath of fibrous tissue enclosing muscles or other organs. An easier way to visualize how fascia works in our bodies is to think of it as an intricate web. As a web, our fascial system is uninterrupted and runs from head to toe. This dense tissue covers every muscle, bone, nerve, […]

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