Diagnostic Ultrasound

Diagnostic Ultrasound using Clarius will reveal obvious complete tears, fluid buildup, and tendinitis. This is a good way to rule in or out a tear and allow the PT to create the most specific plan of care for the patient. When using Clarius Ultrasound in conjunction with dry needling, the PT is able to more accurately treat the patient's pain and or soft tissue restriction.

Kayli and Brianne have training in diagnostic ultrasound. This is a special kind of imaging similar to an MRI that can see the specific tendon/muscle/body part that is pathological/being addressed for PT. They will do the imaging with you present in the room. Being able to see your joint, tendon/muscle injury etc. provides the therapist with key information and data that will help her create the best plan of care for you. They both highly recommend doing the Ultrasound on the first visit to determine a baseline/diagnosis/appropriate treatment plan. This is a $50 charge in addition to your evaluation.

What are they able to see?

Obvious tears in the tendons (rotator cuff etc), your joint space to grade the severity of your arthritis, bone spurs, tendinosis, fluid or if your tendon is normal.

Is this like an MRI?

It uses a different type of technology to see but it provides you answers in real time. It will give the therapist and the patient a good idea if an MRI is warranted in the future.

Would this be something that I do again?

You can definitely repeat the imaging again to look at any changes that may have occurred over time or with therapy. It is also used in conjunction with dry needling to do more accurate DN.

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