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What a great group of therapists! I would rate higher than 5 if I could. I have been helped by them for two injuries now with great success. I tried dry needling this time for a neck injury and I had a very quick response to treatment. I was scared about the needles but I could hardly feel it....and it's very affordable. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Go see this team!


Marquette is the BEST place for PT...they are all lovely, friendly, attentive and knowledgeable professionals. I'll never go anywhere else!


I have been to other places, and the PT's here at Marquette are the BEST! They are knowledgeable and I got fast results with them. I can't say enough about them. The dry needling they did on me was life changing and prevented me from having surgery. I am very thankful to them!!

- L.P.

Awesome people. Awesome Service. Awesome results. You can't go wrong with Marquette!

- T.W.

So grateful to have found Jay. He takes care of me and a lot of my patients that I refer there. Nobody has ever had a negative thing to say about this clinic. If you're looking for a great group of therapists, call them today!

- Dr. A.D.

The staff is amazing. There is never a wait. Stephanie and dry needling are my new favorite things! They fixed me right up. They are first class 5 stars!

- Anonymous

Brianne is an extremely knowledgeable PT and helped me resolve my issues related to arthritis. I highly recommend Marquette PT as a whole including a very capable front office. Great service overall.

- A.J.

Having one of my very active children go here and then myself personally now I can say you can't go wrong here. Everyone is very friendly, patient and helpful. My son was back to soccer quickly and I was back on my feet again quickly as well.

- J.M.

This is absolutely the best physical therapy I've ever attended. They use completely different techniques than I've ever experienced at other PT facilities.

- P.T.

Marquette Physical Therapy is great! I have been treated by Cayli and my back feels better than it has in years!

- S.M.

Highly recommend Marquette PT (and have to multiple friends)- I have frozen shoulder and had been to other PT's with no relief or plan and Marquette has not only helped my pain but helped me find a doctor and relief. Truly cannot say enough good things from the therapists I work with (Cayli and Michelle) working with Abbie at the front desk.

- T.D.

I and my husband have gone there post knee surgery. I love this place. It is personalized on a level that I wish all health care should be. I am a nurse and not used to being on the other side of the bed. Marquette is an awesome place that allows you to be treated in private rooms. I continue to go as I recover from surgery, and I have excelled from their treatment! The therapists are exceptional and there is an app for your phone that talks you through the exercises. They are fierce advocates for their patients - what more could you ask?

- M.J.

The staff is warm, highly competent and have been incredibly helpful in treating/relieving pain from some chronic conditions I've dealt with over the past couple years.They are one of the few places I have found that specialize in the Graston Technique and Dry Needling. The dry needling has been awesome for getting rid of bothersome trigger points that develop from time to time. This is the practice I would recommend to anyone looking for a physical therapist.

- C.L.

Dr Brianne Atteberry is a fantastic physical therapist. She has helped me and my wife via dry needling, physical therapy and the graston therapy. Everyone at Marquette is friendly and professional. We have referred multiple people to them and have had 100% positive interactions.

- M.F.

Marquette Physical Therapy is great! I have been treated by Cayli and my back feels better than it has in years!

- S.M.

Excellent care with great results! Think so much of them, I referred my husband.

- D.O.

Not only are all of the PT's proficient in their craft, but they listen to the patient's concerns and needs. They help set realistic goals while not letting you coast by, because they actually want to see you get better. They are also up-to-date on techniques I had never heard of before, like Graston and dry needling - both of which have given more pain relief than anything else including pharmaceuticals.

- H.D.

I have been very pleased with the services provided. They take the time to provide excellent stretching and strength activities you can do at home. And, their APP is excellent. It shows how to do everything. Michelle is excellent to work with.

- L.B.

I CAN'T say enough about Marquette! From Abby's friendly and helpful attitude to the awesome, professional therapists I actually look forward to going.

- L.M.

Marquette is the greatest physical therapy group I've had the privilege of working with. Everyone from the therapists to management know what they are doing!! I won't go any where else.

- T.M.

Wonderful people that always have the answers I need to help me feel better. Thank you!!

- E.C.